MaeGo: Self-Driving Robot for Target Shooting Game & Coding

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Hi everyone, I would like to introduce users to take a look at this project: MaeGo Self-Driving Robot for Target Shooting Game & Coding The product: MaeGo is the world’s first AI robot car that runs, stops, turns and performs preset tasks autonomously to play FPS games with you in reality. Would you like to hunt it? Link: Thank you.


Curious about new tech
Looks interesting! When I first read your introduction above I thought the car was human-sized (e.g. autonomous-driving Tesla) but then I went on your site and it makes much more sense lol
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Mi piace il tuo progetto, sembra interessante. Lo proverò sicuramente più tardi quando troverò giochi casino online soldi veri perché voglio fare un po' di soldi. Ho perso il lavoro a causa del Covid-19 e i miei risparmi sono quasi finiti.