A new service that lets you send really huge files FileWhopper, test the beta

Hanna Welch
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Dear Makers, We are pleased to inform you of a unique beta testing opportunity. Absolutely FREE, test the beta version of a new service that lets you send really huge files: https://filewhopper.com/. The main benefits you get when transferring large files with FileWhopper Beta: - Send up to 3 files or folders of up to 1TB each for FREE in beta; - Add additional services to your transfers, like more downloads or more days of storage, for FREE; - Track the progress of all active uploads and your file recipient’s downloads from your account; - Data transfer resumes if your PC reboots automatically, with minimum possible data loss: the integrity of transmitted data is ensured; - Totally secure service thanks to files being encrypted for transfer; - The service supports simultaneous upload and download; - No installation is required. A desktop app helps speed up the upload/download of your huge files, then automatically deletes itself. In case of any bugs found you can submit them via contact form https://filewhopper.com/contact-us , send to me on PH or send to info@filewhopper.com We appreciate your kind support!


Ferenc Forgacs
Hi Hanna, I was trying to test your service from a Mac, but as I can see, it's not supported at the moment :( Mind if I ask you, who is your target audience and what is your business model behind the product? I was working at an agency for the past couple of years and my experience was that everyone used WeTransfer for these kinds of tasks. Not just in our agency but this was my experience outside the company as well. I felt like that is the tool everyone knows. One thing I noticed on your site is that the logo in the header doesn't point to the home page. I know there is a "Home" item in the header navigation on subpages, but it's a common practice to use the logo to navigate back to the homepage as well.