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Andreas Ioannou
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Hi guys, We are looking for contributing tech writers for our newly launched online tech news magazine with an established online presence through social media with a total of over 417K uniques and 834K views monthly. If you're passionate about tech and looking to get your name out there through a credible and up and coming tech authority then please check the following link. Looking forward to collaborating with you! Regards, Andreas


Founder, Devro LABS
I like to get featured my startup on your tech news magazine
Co-Founder & CPO at CodePeople
Hi @kesara , that would be great. Feel free to contact me at andreas[at]codepeople[dot]io
Co-Founder of KOYA
Hello! I am unable to press submit on my pitch. I keep receiving an error message. I wanted to alert you in case others are experiencing this issue. :)
Co-Founder & CPO at CodePeople
Hello @courtneyruth and thanks for letting us know, we are working on that. In the mean feel free to send your pitch over to me directly at
Co-Founder of KOYA
@codepeople @xnorcode Thank you!! Love what you are doing btw!