What do you like and dislike about food prep?

Mak Mo
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Curious to hear more.


Beatrice Leung
Like: Healthier, feels very accomplished and productive, rewarding to see other people eat your meals, more affordable. Dislike: Clean up, long prep time, waiting for food to cook when I'm hangry, if meal prep you're eating the same meal over and over, meal prep isn't as good after a few days in the fridge.
Mak Mo
@b_wleung thank you for answer. What are you currently doing to solve this problem? I mean the dislike one.
Like: knowing there will be healthy options available when I'm hungry in future, having control over what I consume Dislike: time consuming, and usually what I feel like eating when I'm prepping I don't feel like eating a few days later
Mak Mo
@abadesi thank you. What do you think could be done to help you with solving this?
Aaron O'Leary
Like: Simply the activity of it, experimenting with different techniques and in general knowing I did it from scratch Dislike: Nothing really, maybe the clean up but a waste bowl works well in that case
Ferenc Forgacs
Like: for me, it's a relaxing activity (in most cases). I really like to make food that's not just delicious but also pleasing to my eyes. I also like that I know what's in the food I'm eating. Don't like: come up with an idea of what to create :D And go to the store to buy all the ingredients. So I end up creating some kind of pasta in too many cases.
Ryzal Yusoff 🇬🇧🇲🇾
Like: Healthier, save time Dislike: Sometimes can be bored of eating the same stuffs over and over again for the rest of the week
Marine Dhap
What I like: Healthlier and save time, also I can control what I am actually eating. I am veggie and it's important for me to be sure there no meat in my food. What I do not like: I won't say that it's a waste of time because it's always really nice to cook listnening to music but it's clearly time consuming.