Step up your game and charge into 2020!

Hello Makers, Just wanted to put a fantastic event on your radar - CommerceNOW ( Taking place on June 10-11, this is an online event focused around digital commerce for SaaS and online businesses. What’s in it for you? ✔️Learning opportunities – You will gain insights from leading experts in eCommerce, digital marketing, conversion rate optimization, customer experience, compliance, pricing, and other key areas of eCommerce. ✔️Networking – You can build your network and expand your professional network by connecting with other entrepreneurs, specialists, innovators and creatives. ✔️Join Online – The event is FREE and it's happening online, so there is no need to travel for it. This year’s line-up features industry experts like Trevor Hatfield, Aleyda Solis, Talia Wolf and leading companies including Microsoft, SEMrush, Dropbox, and many more. How does this sound? 😊


I am new here
Jeg liker ideen din. Jeg elsker å spille spill, spesielt i disse dager fordi jeg kjeder meg hjemme. Jeg har også funnet link der jeg har funnet mange spilllenker som jeg kan tjene penger på mens jeg sitter hjemme.