What's your total monthly SaaS spend? What services/products are you using?

Tanmay Desai
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Recently I was looking at how much we spend on SaaS, and it made me wonder - For those who don't mind sharing, what's your total monthly SaaS spend? Where? Here're some SaaS expenses that I can share off the top of my head: (amount in USD) - Video Calling/Screensharing: 60 - Internal Docs: 80 (docs, spreadsheet) - Emails: 60 - Team Communications: 60 - Customer Success: 90 - Survey/Feedback: 35 - Calendar Scheduling: 30 - CRM: 90 - Email Client: 60 - Lead Enhancement: 50 (get more details about given email/domain) - Accounting: 70 - Private Beta Launch: 75 - Project Management: Free - Analytics: Free Total -> ~750 USD + PLUS Few hundred dollars every month, while testing out a few SaaS, that requires credit card upfront, which you forget to cancel. (Q2 - Does this happen to you often?) PS. • This does not include tech expenses. I'll sync up with our tech team and update soon.


Radhika Mohan Singh Roy
Our costs are around $10 a month, since we use EngageBay's integrated marketing, sales & support solution with CRM for our business needs.
Tanmay Desai
@radha_mohan_singh_roy Thank you for sharing. Do you mind if I ask if that’s just you, or if you have employees?