Thinking about starting my podcast series, where and what should I start?

Tejas Lodaya
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I would recommend you start by thinking about who your audience will be and how you will reach them. Think about the format of the show - what will you talk about? What will you cover? How long will it be and how frequently will you drop new episodes? Record an episode as soon as you can and share it to get feedback. Good luck!
Cameron Boucher
Think about things that you know best and either try to explore them deeper or find a way to allow others to understand them.
Tejas Lodaya
@letsasypre I run a digital agency and now going to launch my first SAAS product here. Will work on something and share with you soon :)
Jonathan Sun
Why not try to record high level, intellectual conversations with your friends? That would be unique and something I would enjoy listening to
Tejas Lodaya
@jonathan_sun1 I had a similar thought and now I'm planning to call some friends over this weekend and record something. Thanks :)