I got my first sale! 🥳

Efimov Ivan
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Today is my lucky day! What I have been going for so long has happened! Today I got the first sale on the Fundy.cc website of the minimum plan!


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Congrats @sicdesign! Your first customer is always so exciting, it validates all your hard work! How are you reaching potential customers? Would love to hear your story so far :)
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@de Thank you for your attention! The first client appeared when I created advertising company in Google ADs. Initially, I could'nt find my target audience, so there were only views, clicks and a large number of failures. I plan to tell you more later, so stay tuned.
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@sicdesign Nice! Congrats again and please keep us updated as your journey continues :)
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Massive congratulations @sicdesign - that's huge!
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@mjfisher Thank you
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Congrats, and good luck with your second, third, fourth ... :)
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@bejnar thanks
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Congrats ! It's always a good feeling. Beyond financial reasons, you get recognition for your hard work and that is priceless 😊
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Nice one!
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Congratulations @sicdesign hope you get to deliver best to the customer and grow your product and users. Best of luck!
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Congrats @sicdesign! Looking forward to hearing more about it ...
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Congrats @sicdesign! I work in digital marketer and I'd be interested in talking with you about Fundy. Send me a DM!
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congratulations, hoping to achieve this milestone this week
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Congratulation :) @sicdesign , Any sales tip for us?
Keep hustling!
Congratulations @sicdesign!! Wishing you all the possible success. 👏🏼
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@sicdesign Congratulations! I Just wonder how you reaching out the potential customer base and are you doing MVP or final product?
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Congrats, I just open an account on your website. But then I'm redirected to https://fundy.cc/members/ And I only see this message "Welcome to your personal account. You don't have any available pages yet." And can't do anything... no table with some investor data.
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Congratulation! May there be many more :)
Congrats. First customer it's most important client. You must take care of him. I hope that the others will come from the recomendation of this one.
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