Is there a need for a powerful app building platform for founders (mostly non-tech)?

Sahaj Rana
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As working on my 2nd startup and being a tech founder, I had to build an app (Android, iOS) as well as Web platform for it. Then I realized I'm doing the same thing again. So, I wondered if you guys also think there is a need of app building platform? (not like you can't make even a decent app)


Creating reusable app shell for PWA on Android and IOS is one way to go. Helps to save quite a lot of time spent on boilerplate native programming. Once idea is validated and has some traction, app can be converted to a real native app if that's what is required to push UX further or there is need to use more native APIs.
Sahaj Rana
@togru Reusable app shell does make sense but at the same time we mostly as founders don't plan to change or work on other thing so soon. Also, PWA apps have some UX limitations. I have been working on this idea where you won't have to do things again n again but keep building app from design to prototype to add components (for both Android & iOS) & build really powerful apps from 6-7 months cycle to 4-5 days. What are your thoughts about it?