I want to build a super-app/platform to people navigate/manage life during a crisis like Coronavirus

Mohamed Labadi
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Hi Makers, Hope all is doing well. I want to build a super "super app/platform" that helps people navigate the Coronavirus crisis; similar to the concept of Grab in South-east Asia or WeChat in China). I don't have a web/mobile development skills, and I would like to team up with developers and designers to build the simplest MVP for the idea during the Global Hack hackathon (www.theglobalhack.devpost.com), and then work together to make a complete app/platform that that could be deployed globally during the Coronavirus era and during any kind of other future crisis. Please, check a general overview about the idea here: www.devpost.com/software/covsupe.... > The Idea: CovApp is a crisis management superapp, providing the most frequently used daily services and help that matters during the crisis, all in one app, bringing ultimate convenience and value to users. > Value Proposition: Providing highly-used daily services and support to people in every city to navigate the Coronavirus. >> Future Plan Beyond the Coronavirus: The future plan beside applying it to any crisis, is to build a the next Grab/KO-JEK/WeChat for Africa.. Africa's countries are homogeneous like the South-East Asia.. So, this kind of startup idea could have a huge success across the whole continent and solve real problems; and people are waiting for this kind of solutions for long time.. Please let me know if you are interested to join and co-build something that could be deployed globally during the Coronavirus era and beyond. Thanks, Mohamed
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