Would you wager the well being of your young child on...your handwriting?

Fennel Doyle
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Sure, sounds like 1980s analog info arch throw back! My handwriting represents the zen of my soul
No, I prefer 21c mobile first solutions that accelerate my response times by 60-11,000X
N/A, I strongly agree the logistical nightmare of on-boarding caregivers should take 1 hour-3 weeks in order to procure childcare


ACTION REQUIRED OF YOU: Come on earthlings, tech bros, papas, and awesome uncles out there... Help us build the next-gen of frigerator notes for parents, as a nifty time saving safety tool that lets parents share FAQs/FYI/in case of emergency/follow my instruction notes! What's wrong? *In 2020, stay at home parents are actually very nomadic, "on-the-go". Working parents need a non-parent to watch the kiddos. *Today parents share childcare details in confusing ways, and are req to fill out bullshit forms issued by the hamster nitwits running the Dept of Health & Human Services *It takes a village! Currently ~20M children are under 5 years old in USA. Every year ~4m babies are born in the USA. Nearly 25% of those children live in home with a single point of failure/head of household. *Parents have a universal need to share info about their kids with caregivers. *No family is immune to emergencies. *Every family is unique. Our mobile Hack! emcaso has created an everyday, paperless, fast, easy way for parents to complete legal forms and answer common questions about their kids in 1 click, via their mobile phone. We are thrilled to let parents secure safer child care faster with emcaso as a helper. emcaso: 1 ) provides clarity - by empowering care givers with clear protocols about how to best care for children they are responsible for 2 ) strengthens inner circle - solidifies the relationships young kids have with their care givers by keeping coop informed 3 ) allows parents to save time - by improving findability of family care details in 1 central knowledge base 4 ) improves the outcome of emergency situations by streamlining family care operations http://emcasoapp.com http://emcaso.com/beta-kick-off How can you help? In so many ways. We love angels of all kinds. Upvote us! Brainstorm with us! QA with us! Dashboard with us!