What’s stopping you from cooking your own food?

Greg Kopyltsov
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Just curious if cooking for yourself is something the community is thinking about, and if so, what roadblocks do you encounter?
I’m a bad cook, lack confidence
I don’t have the proper tooks
I’m not sure what to cook
I don’t like cooking


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For me it can be cost of fresh vegetables / fruits where I live during certain seasons.
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Lazyness to go after ingredients :D
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@angrigoryan__ would you have it delivered or is that cost prohibitive / no delivery service where you live?
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@gregkop I think there is a delivery service where I live, but I don't really trust that services, weather the ingredients are fresh or not.
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nothing - i love cooking with my family!
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@paroma thats awesome! how are you finding / saving recipes to cook right now? or is it just a big ole' family cookbook?