What’s stopping you from cooking your own food?

Greg Kopyltsov
8 replies
Just curious if cooking for yourself is something the community is thinking about, and if so, what roadblocks do you encounter?


Suraj Pabba
For me it can be cost of fresh vegetables / fruits where I live during certain seasons.
Anna Grigoryan
Lazyness to go after ingredients :D
Greg Kopyltsov
@angrigoryan__ would you have it delivered or is that cost prohibitive / no delivery service where you live?
Anna Grigoryan
@gregkop I think there is a delivery service where I live, but I don't really trust that services, weather the ingredients are fresh or not.
Paroma Indilo
nothing - i love cooking with my family!
Greg Kopyltsov
@paroma thats awesome! how are you finding / saving recipes to cook right now? or is it just a big ole' family cookbook?
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Robart Stark
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