What is the best tool to make animated product thumbnail for PH Launch?

Tem Nugmanov
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Spencer Smith
For https://www.producthunt.com/post... (and most of my other products) I created the thumbnail with HTML and CSS and then used https://getkap.co/ to record the animation and trim it so that it loops. From there I used https://ezgif.com/resize to resize and change the speed until I was happy with it.
Kyle Lawson
Keyshape is great for any kind of svg or gif animations https://www.keyshapeapp.com/
I've just found this one: https://crello.com/templates/pro... Looks promising to make simple animations
Tammy Martin
When it comes to creating animated product thumbnails for a Product Hunt launch, one effective tool to consider is https://thumbmachine.com/. This platform offers a user-friendly interface and a range of customizable features that make it easy to generate eye-catching animated thumbnails for your product. With its diverse set of templates and dynamic elements, ThumbMachine allows you to showcase your product in a visually engaging way, grabbing the attention of potential users. The platform's intuitive design and compatibility with various file formats make it a convenient choice for creating compelling animated product thumbnails that can enhance your Product Hunt launch and drive more interest towards your offering.