What are you building for the Makers Festival? 😻

Aaron O'Leary
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Hey everyone! Since we are a few days into the submissions period, I thought it would be cool to ask what people are building? Maybe we can give feedback as a group to each other 😄


Anna Grigoryan
Hey makers! I want to submit my community finder: https://community.engineeringrow... It's a service where people can find any community depending on their interests. I built this to help find places to connect with new people during this time. I'm automating some processes now, so the service can live it's separate life :)
@angrigoryan__ This is brilliant and super valuable to help community discovery Anna! Would be great to answer a few questions and then be offered some communities to check out :D
Tomi Gelo
@angrigoryan__ I like the idea and agree with @modernafflatus that some additional features would to help find the right communities would be nice!
Anna Grigoryan
@aaronoleary just want to clarify the guidelines. I can submit a product that is created during the Makers Festival? So I can't submit a product that already exists?
Tomi Gelo
@aaronoleary @angrigoryan__ yes, you can. Check out this thread: https://www.producthunt.com/make... EDIT: styling
Tomi Gelo
I will submit quarantify: https://quarantify.com/ It's a social platform for people in quarantine☢️. Right now the focus is on restaurants/ordering. You can find out what people nearby you are ordering so that you can get some inspiration for your next meal🍴or even join them for a big order 🍕🍕
Helen Huang
We're making a place where folks can get bite-sized headlines of good news, an increasing recovery count, reminders for them to take it easy, stretch, etc, etc. It's meant to be a reminder for mindfulness during these tough times. :)
My entry is https://greenthumb.ritualin.com/ Greenthumb is your window to nature. It lets you watch a calming nature video through PictureInPicture while working. This is an experiment for desktop Google Chrome browser. How do you like the videos? Any feedback and suggestions are very welcome. https://greenthumb.ritualin.com/
Geert Jan Sloos
We at PayRequest have added Donation Pages to our products: https://payrequest.io/donation-p... It has: Donations goals, Donations feed, Stripe integration and link tracking, also you can fill in your own social media and website links. 0% FEES FOR COVID-19 Projects & Non-Profits.
Yan Aik Teck
Hi all, you guys are creating amazing things! :) I created 9 phone case designs, inspired by Pantone, to remind us to follow WHO guidelines to #StayHome, #WearAMask, and keep ourselves in #SafeHands during this period. 10% of the sales goes to the WHO's COVID-19 Response Fund. Check out the designs here https://instagram.com/pandemicph... Any feedback and comment is appreciated :)
Divyansh Patel
I am creating a library for Remote work virual backgrounds. Which are your favs? Also adding different topics in custom-designed backgrounds. Which topics you would like to cover and any theme you would like to have as a background. Looking forward to your suggestions.
David Shawe
I'm working on https://yeooo.delivery a community focused Delivery Platform that lets you know who delivers what to you. (If you live in Northern Ireland)
Charles-Eugène Loubao
Hello everybody! My name is Charles and for the festival I am building a platform for visual and educational mini books https://bookbites.app My hope with this website is to create a place where visual learners have a place to quickly learn about different subjects. Right now I have some content on the subject of UI and UX Design as well as fitness, I am planning on adding more categories to the website. If you create visual educational mini books and would like join the platform let me know :)
Fennel Doyle
emcaso auto-fills legal paperwork & simplifies everyday family routines. Our mission is create to a new gold standard for family emergency preparation and response, by modernizing family care FAQs.
Fennel Doyle
Are you a dad? uncle? Our app lets parents complete the Cali Dept of Health and Human Services form LICENSE 700 easier and 60-11K X faster while solving for readability issues. emcaso MVP has transformed a 1 hr-3 week legal process of paper pushing, into just the click of a button – by streamlining answers to child care FAQs. “There are four kinds of people in the world: those who are currently caregivers, those who have been caregivers, those who will be caregivers, and those who will need caregivers.” – Rosalynn Carter +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ emcaso.com/beta-kick-off +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ #1 = Kid's Safety. Safety starts in the home. emcaso immediately addresses the millions of households challenged by the impacts of COVID-19, with a solution that leverages mobile tech automation to replace manual care giving administrative tasks. No family is ever immune to emergencies. What do you think? Can help us run a 5m test?!. Ahoy M8!
Gabriel Faerstein
Hey makers! I just submitted BOX'D IN! https://www.producthunt.com/post... After going through a virtual creative process, researching and connecting with a lot of other quarantinees over Zoom - we decided to focus on tackling social isolation and loneliness. The feeling of being boxed in. That's where our ideation started - how could we make the feeling of being boxed in into something exciting - that connects people? We build meaningful experiences, co-created with local entrepreneurs, and delivered in a box. Think of a mix of an escape-room with an art class. Or a Masterchef challenge delivered to your own kitchen. All experienced together with your favourite people. We have run a couple of tests in Amsterdam and Rotterdam this week and the reception has been really good! Would love to get more feedback from the community and see how we can build it further :)
Jack Hegarty
Hello all! I just submitted www.guidehatch.com - the easiest way to book a fishing trip! I built this for tour operators who's revenue has gone to 0 - hopefully we can get them back up and running soon and the often rural communities they support - I plan to expand beyond fly fishing into deep sea charters and international trips! This was built using a "Nocode" stack - Webflow, Zapier, AirTable, Google Suite
Mina Opada
Hey makers! I submitted ProductiveAtHome.club: https://productiveathome.club We help people maximize their time in quarantine by hosting and joining sessions ( webinars, teleconferences etc.) online. Learn something new and share your knowledge in an interactive way 😉 I build this so the students and professionals who are now logging more hours online (netflix, social media) can have a more productive alternative. You can even find virtual workout buddies 🏋🏻‍♀️here.
Sarah Shaiq
Hi Makers! I'm building a platform to help creators monetize their livestreams. Check it out: www.sched.live I'd love some feedback, thanks!