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Gabriel Faerstein
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Hello Makers!

 Glad to be a part of this challenge. We have created a team of 4 to take it on - two with entrepreneurial and 2 with programming/design backgrounds. We haven’t worked together before and so far the experience has been great!

 We decided to jump into the challenge without an idea and follow a creative process throughout these 2 weeks. Over the past days we dove into research and inspiration, looking in our networks and throughout dozens of projects that have started during this crisis. Our team is full of energy after going out there and searching for inspiration. Spending a couple of hours with the four of us sharing ideas and insights brought a lot of energy to our quarantine days. We have also realised that the problems this crisis brings are really different across the world. We are an international team (Brazil and Netherlands): Diversity in our backgrounds and cultures created a lot more insight! After our second Zoom/Miro call, analysing a survey from over 50 responders and their experiences during this time - we have decided on two directions to dig deeper and start ideation: 

- Bridging the Social Gap: How can we tackle loneliness?

 - Making your day great again: How can we improve people’s routine - both in and off of work?

 We are curious, is anyone working on these topics? We would love to grab a virtual cup of coffee :)
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