Quality of Submissions

Ben Munk
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Hi Everyone, I'm new to PH community. I assume given the time frame for the Makers Festival, that to some degree if apps are a bit buggy, have possible vulnerabilities, UX needs work (etc) this will be somewhat acceptable. It's more about the concept, having fun and delivering something interesting ?! OR do I have it all wrong, and people will be pushing out really well developed, high quality ideas? Thanks


Tomi Gelo
Good question! I actually tried to dig out some submissions from previous Maker Festivals but this kind of data seems to be a bit hidden on PH so I eventually gave up 🙃 Since this will also be my first Maker Festival I can't say for sure but I think that your assumptions are correct. I expect the quality level to be the same or maybe a little bit higher than what you usually see here on PH. Happy making! ⌨️
Just have fun and build a proof of concept. 🙂 I know it's hard to launch something unpolished but it's better than not launching at all or wasting time on something nobody wants.
Ben Munk
Thanks for your comments. Submitting today 🤞
Helen Huang
Welp just saw this, I hope it doesn't have to be great cause I just went into it wanting to spend some idle time and have a distraction. :<