How I built the design process, added 150 products manually and didn’t go crazy…

Piotr Bartoszek
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I am super proud to announce that number of added product to my side project - Owwly surpassed 150 🎉 Even more proud that every single cover image was carefully prepared by us. From time perspective, that was very important step to have control on the main website and add only visually appealing products. Let’s have a quick look at my design process: 1 Find an interesting product 2 Open Sketch and prepare a cover image 3 Export to jpg and compress the size. I can recommend uPic for Mac which decreases image size even to -80% 4 Put to Cloudinary 5 Add the product in Swagger The process lasts from 5 to 15 minutes. That was a long journey and we definitely don’t want to stop :) Next step - 200 products. Fingers crossed 🤞 If you have any question regarding my process - go ahead!


Wow so impressive! How long did it take you to add 150 products @piotr_bartoszek?