Growth hacking skills

Marine Dhap
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Hey I'm Marine and currently trying to develop my growth hacking skills any good tips for me?


Founder & CEO, Hustle Crew
Nice Marine! Could you be specific about the type of growth hacking you are focused on e.g. growing Instagram followers or email subscribers?
Hello @abadesi ! Thanks for your answer :) Actually yes, I am focusing on growing my Instagram, Facebook and Linkedin followers. Also, I would like to create qualified audiences for Facebook Ads. I read that it could be possible to extract data from Facebook groups in order to reach them with ads in the Future. I have started to use PhantomBuster. What do you think about this tool? So if you have any tips about that it would be great, I am totally new with this topic. Thanks a lot :) Marine
Founder & CEO, Hustle Crew
@marine_dhap For growing followers on social media I'd say look at competitor accounts and see what they are doing. There are usually trends that dictate the type of content most liked and shared across different platforms by different audiences. You can start to see what works/doesn't and experiment with content yourself.
@abadesi thanks for your answer. I would definitely spy on my competitors actions. That's not really cool but we are all doing that :)