World Tour From Windows 🌎 is waiting your feedbacks...

Berk Boz
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Hey everybody 👋 I want to share with you my latest social media project about Covid-19! Here it comes: World Tour From Windows 🌎 If you don't want to read my explanation and just visit the project, let's visit: It's an social media project for MVP... All of us are in homes during Covid-19 and self-isolation days, but I think we may still trip around the world. In @worldtourfromwindows, I'm trying to share your views from windows, I hope there'll be a great database that you can travel around the world through windows. Some of you may say it's not a product, yeah. You're right, but I believe I will turn it into a website with a map view. You can follow the account and DM me with your view from windows to support my project. You'll even share your view with #worldtourwindows on your personal account and tag @worldtourfromwindows 📬 Last call, I'm waiting your supports and feedbacks... 👇 World Tour From Windows 🌎:


thebeautiful girl
Embarking on a unique journey dubbed "World Tour From Windows," participants traverse the globe through the lens of architectural innovation, exploring the myriad cultural and structural expressions showcased by windows. From the sun-kissed landscapes of the Mediterranean to the snow-capped peaks of the Himalayas, each window offers a glimpse into the soul of its surroundings. One notable stop on this global odyssey is a visit to a state-of-the-art UPVC windows factory, where modern engineering meets environmental consciousness, demonstrating the evolution of window technology in the contemporary era. Throughout the expedition, travelers gain insights into the historical, aesthetic,