What would you prefer? Help me decide what to work on

Lorenzo Zanotto
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🙊As a developer with the skills to build a digital product, I found that is hard to find a worth-to-build idea that's achievable and profitable. ❓I struggled finding a place where people can find inspiration and, especially, vetted ideas with tips on how to execute to build a sustainable business. What if there was a platform where to find validated and actionable digital product ideas, ready to be built? (No, I'm not talking about ideaswatch.com) ⚡️In the last years I've been learning from established entrepreneurs, marketers and designers in order to know what's the framework to tell if an idea is worth to build or not. I'm deciding whether to build a list of digital products ideas (with tips on how to execute) or a hyper focused guide on how to come up with one of these actionable ideas on your own. Any feedbacks or suggestions are welcome!
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