Find a teddy bear!… Popular for children suffering from Corona19

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Find a teddy bear!… Popular for children suffering from Corona19 An interesting game for children trapped inside the home due to Corona19 is gaining popularity among countries in the United States. On the 3rd (local time), major foreign media such as the New York Times in the United States reported that games reflecting the depressed conditions such as banning outing for social distance are spreading to the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand. This game, which translates to the words ‘We ’re Going on a Bear Hunt’, is a game of finding a bear doll. It is for children who suffer the most from social distance, and the game is simple. When various dolls, such as teddy bears, are placed at home windows and around the house in each family, children who take a walk around the house to catch the wind are looking for it. It is a little more developed, and recently, as well as various dolls, pictures, etc., are placed on the roof of a house, trees, parked cars, etc., and families and children on a road trip or car are trying to find it. Soon, children who have been locked up in the house for a long time will be given pleasure for a while, like finding hidden objects. Reportedly, the play was inspired by the famous fairy tale book We're Going on a Bear Hunt. A British woman suggested the Facebook group to play a teddy bear hunt and soon spread throughout the United States. The BBC and other foreign media said, "Children can't go to school, they can't meet friends, even the playground is closed, but they are leaving 'Hunting Bears.'" "Ah, as far as New Zealand's prime minister is concerned, children's play is spreading across the United States, Britain and Australia," he reported. He added, "It is an opportunity for children and adults to relieve stress for a while." [Source: sandscasino]
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