Launched List of Investor on Product Hunt today

Stephanie Jones
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I look forward to receive your feedback:


Paroma Indilo
thank you - this is super handy :) Perhaps a free/trial option where a limited number of investors are suggested to the user, based on their area of interest?
Stephanie Jones
@paroma Thank you! :) Actually you can sign up for free and search for investors using location, name or investment focus. You need to upgrade only to see their contact information and export.
Gab Bujold 💀
Pretty cool, UX! I feel like the LoI name at the beginning of your product gif is weird a little bit. The rest is beautiful, and I like the header of your website. Quick question: How do you base your pricing? I feel like some of those plans might be high a little bit, especially if we take into account that early-stage startups don't always have the financial resources to invest in those kind of tools. Again, I'm far from an expert in the matter, so you can take this comment lightly :)
Stephanie Jones
@bujold19 Thank you very much for your feedback. Based on the competition, we have reduced the pricing by about 25% and also added emails in the basic plan.