Improving your financial literacy

Simon Gu
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Hey all, we are working on a new product that will be aimed at teaching basic financial concepts, some venture concepts, as well as personal investing. If this sounds interesting we need your help! What are some financial concepts that you wish you could know better? for the beta.


This sounds interesting! I'm always happy to learn more about investing and better ways to save money.
Simon Gu
@abadesi That's awesome! We think that a lot of the wealth inequality right now is perpetuated by information asymmetry.
Paroma Indilo
who is it aimed at? Basic accountancy is always a must.
Simon Gu
Hi @paroma, to start out we're targeting anyone that's interested learning more about saving and planning for the future. The planning piece does cover investing and how to think about it. Part of that deeper dive will cover accounting principals and how to understand basic company financials.