Scaling beyond newsletters

Matthew Smith
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IMO it's abnormally difficult to take email beyond newsletters to drip campaign or intelligent segmenting. The tools out there seem to require a lot more knowhow than I'd expect compared to design tools and creating smart websites. It's a steep learning curve and therefore resource intensive to either learn it myself or hire people who know what they're doing. Am I alone here? What's the simplest tool out there for getting from newsletter to intelligent customer journeys using email? Is there one?


Paroma Indilo
i am no marketing specialist - i think the world has moved on beyond newsletters. Unless they are highly relevant and interesting (AngelList) which only an established company would have resources to maintain
Matthew Smith
@paroma Newsletters are probably more popular than ever, but scaling them to be more effective and personalized is where things get complicated quickly in my experience. Which I think you are also saying. I'm interested in the gap in the marketplace between basisc newsletters which have a low efficacy for growth, and the much more complicated drip and segmented email flows which are more effective but 20x more complicated to strategize and execute on. Thx for your thoughts Paroma.
Nathan Barry
As the creator of ConvertKit I've seen thousands of people do exactly this. But great email marketing isn't immediately visible like a great site design or copywriting. I'd be happy to help you set anything up or talk through it with you!
Matthew Smith
@nathanbarry Hey Nathan, we connected in another life years ago and I think your name came up in regard to Tim Ferris' email recently which I did a scrappy redesign of ha! I'd love to chat and see what you're learning. I'll DM you :)
@whale Could you give an example of a newsletter that does intelligent customer journeys using email?
Matthew Smith
@abadesi Absolutely. Newsletters are only one form of emails. They are generally setup on a specific timed per month or weekly schedule. I think Pinterest does an amazing job of an onboarding series. Another that I find pretty interesting is Tattly. I also have noticed great work from Postmates and Postable similar names, totally different products.