Check out my new page about remote tools

Rauno Metsa
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Hey! I'm working on this new page ā€“ Remote Tools: with the basic functionality like this: šŸ It's a list of products good for working remotely šŸ’¼ Check which remote companies are already using a product šŸ†• Join with your remote company and add new products šŸ” Filter remote products by categories Would be fun to hear some ideas for improvements!


Shannon Maloney
Hey @raunometsa šŸ‘‹I'm a marketer, so it's in my nature to suggest a sharing button! Also, how does a company that's not remote, but has remote resources submit to be added to the list? I love this concept!
Pavlo Pedenko
hey @raunometsa, thanks for putting this together! I'm organizing an event dedicated to running and managing remote business and would be happy to invite you as a vip guest. Drop your email in direct message, so our team can send you a ticket.