Your most used keyboard shortcuts?

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Tyler Nass
Ctrl-C / Ctrl-V! Most underrated tool of all time lol
Fahad Shah
Ctrl + Windows Key + Left/Right Arrow Key It navigates between different virtual desktops on Windows 10. Virtual desktops are my biggest, most productive discovery in all my years using computers. Be sure to right-click on the bottom toolbar and check "Show task view button" first, then create some virtual desktops. Navigate through them with the above shortcut. Your life will never be the same.
Aline Tan
Command + S, crucial shortcut for me!
All Excel (PC) related shortcuts: 1) Paste Special: ALT, E, S, V 2) Insert new row: ALT, I, R 3) Expand column widths: ALT, O, C, A 4) Sort ascending: ALT, A, S, A 5) Autosum range of values: ALT+=
Gary Meyer
cmd/ctrl + z most definitely
Pandiyan Murugan
Ctrl + Z - undo all the time :p