12 projects in 12 months

Anna Grigoryan
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Yesterday was a big day for me. My last contract has ended and now I have all-time in the world to commit to my personal projects and be a full-time indie maker and content creator. This was a year-long journey for me, and even though it's a highly uncertain time I'm really happy I took the leap and started from scratch. During the past 2 years as a freelance software developer, I had a lot of interesting ideas come and go, and now as I have the time and the knowledge, I'm committing to a crazy challenge. I'm going to implement 12 projects in 12 months. It's a challenge with big constraints but I'm still gonna do it, and I want to share my journey with you. How I'm going to measure the completeness of the product? - The product should be fully automated, - The product should not take much time to support (1-2 hours a week max). Here's the list of the projects so far: April - Community Finder (http://community.engineeringrowt...) May - Hackeranalysis (http://hackeranalysis.co) June - Engineering Growth acceleration program (http://engineeringrowth.co) That's it, ready set go!


Good luck!🔥💪Will these all be based on NoCode toola?
Anna Grigoryan
@andrefuchs thanks. Some of them will be for example community finder is no code fully engineering growth too.
Anthony Dike 🌻🐝
Nice Anna! Doing this will be super helpful - You'll find out what you like and don't like - And you'll take more shots at the rim, meaning that one of these projects could be the one to blow up That's pretty much what happened to me and The Product Person. I launched 3 businesses in Nov 2019. The Product Person was the 2nd. And it did so well that I dropped the others and focused on it. Can't wait for that to happen of you 🤗 Good luck!
Love projects like this, looking forward to seeing what you build! Good luck!