Hey folks, just launched Remote Work Tips Slack bot on PH

Abhash Kumar
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Given that many organisations have been forced to go remote because of the Covid-19 situation and both the employers and the employees find themselves in uncharted territory when it comes to working remote - we have launched Remote Tips. The interwebz is full of great resources on Remote Work, but most people will feel overwhelmed with the amount of information out there. Enter the Remote Tips Slack Bot! http://remote-tips.springworks.in/ Remote Tips delivers curated and relevant remote work tips and best practices every weekday right to the Slack channel of your choice. Remote Tips is a curated collection of the best remote work articles, lessons, tools, tips, best practices and other resources. We scour the internet and handpick only the best of the best content for you! Our Mission with Remote Tips is to help you optimize productivity and efficiency in the new era of Remote Work. Do try it out, it's very simple and let us know your feedback. Also, it'd be of great help if you could share the best resource on Remote Work that you've come across. We'll add it to our list of 300+ Remote Resources here --> https://www.producthunt.com/post... Looking forward to your feedback!
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