How important is a GIF vs a still image?

Scott Wyden Kivowitz
3 replies
Hi fellow Makers. Imagely is preparing to launch a first of its kind product for WordPress. I'm drafting up all the text for the PH post as well as images to go with it. How crucial is it for a GIF instead of a still image for the gallery?


Dan Edwards
Hey Scott! I wouldn't say it's crucial, we see plenty of posts that do not use GIFs in their launch. Use whatever you think communicates your product and message best, be that video, still image or GIFs. Good luck with the launch :)
Ryan Hoover
My only request: Don't use an obnoxious, flashy GIF. These may be removed and come off as thirsty. 😅
Stephen Co
GIF is good, but take care of the filesize as it can balloon. Especially folks on mobile, those large GIFs won't fully load as they scroll through.