Best alternatives to Toby for corralling tabs

Jill Barletti
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Hi, Makers :) I can't find my password & support hasn't responded ... so I need to switch :/ Several alternative products have launched on PH, but I'm wondering if anyone has strong feelings about one in particular. Thanks! :)


I saw this recently, i just go tab wild myself
Jill Barletti
@graeme_fulton - You're the best! :) Sorry - I just saw your reply. Not sure that's what I was looking for -- grouping tabs from the same website :/ I narrowed it down to Session Buddy and Infinite Tabs Manager. This morning, I decided to give Session Buddy a try, but it wouldn't install -- wondering if it was abandoned??? So, I'm going to give Infinite Tabs a try -- I am a tab hoarder!!! So if you (or anyone in the community is, too) - drop by in a few days -- I'll report back how Infinite Tabs is working (compared to Toby).
Jill Barletti
@graeme_fulton - OMGosh - I'm no dummy (really! I have a master's degree), but I cannot figure out how to access saved tabs on Infinite Tabs Manager!!! So that just got deleted! I've wasted faarrr too much time on this!!! Super frustrated -- going to contact Toby support one more time. If I don't hear back, I'm going to create a new account with a new email address :/