Any solo makers who campaigned successfully on Kickstarter before?

Stephen Co
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Hi, I'm currently in pre-launch for my second Kickstarter and wondering if there are any tips/advice that other similar makers can give me? My first Kickstarter was funded successfully without much pre-launch activities so I think it may have been a fluke. My second campaign was actually launched a few weeks ago but I canceled it after a week as the funding trend didn't seem to suggest it will succeed. So I am in pre-launch phase right now organizing and preparing my email list, setting up FB ads, and reaching out to previous backers. Based on the canceled campaign dashboard, I have great conversion (11%) but very little views compared to the first campaign which suggests to me that its an issue with visibility. Stephen


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I've done quite a few crowdfunding products and I think the biggest is email vs social ads -
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@cgherb thanks, I've been organizing my email subscriber list to prep for launch. 1200 contacts, not a lot but better than nothing.
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That’s a good start. I believe in evangelizing the more-launch. + Unbounce is great
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@cgherb How about referral programs? Does it make sense to reach out to influencers/journalists and offer them a referral/affiliate incentive to promote a Kickstarter? Remember that there is no promise they will get a benefit because its contingent on the Kickstarter getting funded.