Launched today Switch: Help people who lost their job due to COVID19 crisis find a new position

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Today, our ecosystem is going through an unprecedented crisis. Startups are laying off like never before and some of my most talented friends are now unemployed😢 This is why we hacked together this platform. Already dozens of startups have agreed to upload their list of laid-off talent on it and more than 20 VCs are among our supporters 💪💪 We are announcing it here today so it can serve a broader community of makers and startups in the world. Whether you need to let some people go or you need to hire new talent, we hope it will help


hopefully this contribution will be game changing!
omid borjian
Nice job @mario_ea and good story. Upvoted
Ștefan Prohnițchi
Thank you for providing a solution for those that need it now so much. With the change in the economy and after companies close I think that there also will be the need for switching the profession and the industry.