Will humanity conquer other planets and the outer space without gene modification of themselves?

Eugene Lorenc
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Today's life (business, economics, science, communication) becomes faster every year, but our evolution is very slow compared to our today's speed and intensity of life. So, I suppose we are as humanity kinda imprisoned here in the Earth. And the more advanced space techs we have the more the filling of imprisoning will appear in our souls.


If I have asked "will two human talk together instantly from two different continents" three centuries ago, everyone would consider me as a fool. So to Answer your question: Yes.
Ryan Hoover
Deep question, Eugene. 😅 Inevitably we're going to seen mainstream adoption of gene modification, it's just a question of which will come first.
@rrhoover Hi Ryan, will you create a pool of beta testers. a lot of makers are having trouble to get their app tested and get feedback. ;)
Eugene Lorenc
@rrhoover Recent russian researches shows that rat's brain is less affected by ionizing radiation of outer space. In the light of our discussion I suppose rats are worth to be considered as gene donors for human augmentation. If someone asks me whether you allow your kids to be augmented with rat's genes and suppose gene augmentation is stable as vaccination, my answer will be certainly "Yes".
Interesting. I went to a talk about the multiverse and humans living as an interplanetary species. Maybe we can do it without drastically altering our biology. So hard to predict the future though! We've not done a great job maintaining this planet - would any trust us with theirs? 👀
Eugene Lorenc
@abadesi Absolutely agree. We've not done a great job maintaining this planet. And probably the greatest thing we can do for out planet is just leave it alone and don't bother Earth by our presence anymore... Let's bother the whole Galaxy 😂
Aziz Akgul
Any realistic view of long term living on other planets and space requires gene modification. Research on extremophiles (Organisms that thrive in physically or geochemically extreme conditions) and tech on gene editing will most likely get us there by the time we are ready to go and build a settlement on other planets.