I have an idea for a fun, social remote app. Looking to build a team 🤝

Anthony Dike 🌻🐝
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It’s an idea that fits into the “have fun with friends remotely” category. It solves the problem of large Zoom calls being a “one speaker/many listeners” situation. I currently call it “Floom” 😋 - Group video call on the left - Text chat room on the right - Audio off by default - AR filters (free/paid) - Chat stickers (free/paid) 🎉 The vision is to allow strangers & friends to have giant remote parties. Think of it like Discord & Zoom had a baby & that baby had a baby with Houseparty. That baby would be this app lol — Anyone that’s down to collab on this can hit me up via email or twitter DMs 🙂 email: anthonydike@nyu.edu twitter: https://twitter.com/antdke


Sounds cool, what stack are you using for it?