Will AI replace humanity in future?

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Artem Galenko
I believe that it is impossible! But I'm strongly sure that future man is the merging of a Human and AI
I think it depends. We already see automation happening for some roles, e.g. autonomous vehicles and truck drivers. But many experts say that other roles that require creative impulse and nuance will become more important. Also - could we ever have an AI ethicist? I doubt it.
Hanna Barzakouskaya
Pretty sure, that AI take a lot of professions from humanity
Devender Kumar
@anna_panchenko AI can take professions from humanity but it cannot replace humans
Eugene Lorenc
I'm pretty sure that in future there won't be battle AI vs NI (artificial vs natural) because of merging them in "augmented" intelligence. We already can see some "android" stuff such as google glasses, VR and AR, amazing prostheses and formation of neural interface science and tech. In future more of them become casual implants an augments of our brain and body. We'll become half-machines and machines will become half-humans. And the border between them will gradually disappear.
Ruben Lozano
I think some of the tasks the AI will replace the human... Let's see.
I don't know. It's impossible to predict the future because of the fact of prediction - changes the future just like in quantum mechanics. Also most of the things predicted from the past - didn't happen, now it looks logical that we have internet, most of the world talks English, democracy is dominating, but 100-200 years ago... no one could even imagine it. The same situation is today. Before reading "Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind" by Yuval Noah Harari I could answer differently.
Tyler Nass
I think it's not going to replace u ass the "predominat species" on the planet, but I think, in a long time, it's going to replace humanity in jobs. Robots are starting to learn to cook, AI to drive, computers to replace cashiers, etc.. Again, in looong time
Tomi Gelo
Replacing as in taking over tasks and jobs where AI can perform better? Sure. Replacing as in 'sci-fi movie kinda apocalypse where humans are slaves to the robots? Probably not.
Ricardo Alamino
Everybody is ok when one says that machines are stronger than men... Or they are faster than humans. We all know, nowadays, machines can make calculations faster and more precise than any human being. So, the logical thought is that they shall be more intelligent in a coming future. After they become smarter and, eventually, replicate themselves, they will look at humans as we look to an insect. Humans will no longer understand Them, neither their objectives. After a short period they will be able to lie or pretend their wills for their own objectives. Humankind is doomed... AI will replace us as they will be more efficient, more intelligent and whatever they are able to be... We only don´t know When this will happen.
Erick Wachira
I think general AI and humans will co exist
What if it has already been done in the past, and we are living in a simulation to better understand the "human"?
Trell West
I dont think replace but govern yes.
Pankaj Singh
Humanity will remain :)
Chris Messina
No. Also, what time horizon are considering?
Wei Chun
It really depends on your definition of future, i.e time horizon. Over the next 10 years? Probably not. 100 years? Probably. The advancement of AI can generally be categorized into 3 stages: Narrow, General and Super AI. We are currently still at Narrow AI and barely scraping the surface of General AI. Super AI is still a theory at the moment (think along the lines of the movie I, Robot by Will Smith). With that said, AI has already made a sizeable impact to many industries despite it being at its infancy.
Alex Devero
I don't think AI will replace humanity. History showed us that any invention or progress in technology usually leads to creation of new jobs. Take cars or agriculture and farming for example. People were afraid that these will cause a huge rise of unemployment. That didn't happen. Today, there are more more jobs in automobile industry and agriculture and farming then ever before, and new are still emerging. So, yes, AI will replace people in some areas, some jobs. However, it will also lead to creation new jobs, jobs we can't even imagine at this moment. In general, I am optimistic about the future.
Ozgur Ozer
No, because we're not going to let that happen. First we'll be building brain-computer interfaces like Elon Musk doing with Neuralink, then turning ourselves into cyborgs and eventually we'll become robots-like smart-advanced-immortal-objects so humanity is always going to be keep evolving.
Tyler Nass
Absolutely not -- 48% of the 7.3+ Billion people on Earth do not even have Wifi access. Peter Thiel mentioned that nearly all of the jobs that can be automated have been. More than that, I would not want to live in a world where emotional connections/relationships are replaced by robots -- pretty inhumane if you ask me!