Best ways to engage and find early adopters and customers for software applications?

Tyler Nass
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Johan Bavaud
1. Explain your vision and why you really want to achieved it. 2. Describe quickly how your software work. 3. Post your text on socials/groups (don't forget good old school forums) and ask for feed-backs as a call to action at the end. Bonus : go outside on the street/bars/coffee shops and ask anyone who looks like your futur perfect client for a feed-back. Then, and only after doing the first 3 points, you will be able to sketch your persona. Try to know where your perfect client get news, interacts with others, goes outside, when he has time to use your software, ... Highly recommended to ask that when you collect feed-backs : curious mode ON 👆🏻 By doing so you will identify some "touch points" that would help you to build your acquisition plan and the typical customer journey. I can write an entire book on this topic. I tried to go straight to the point. If it miss you some points or something is not clear, you can ask me specific questions in MP. Hope this help !
What kind of app is it? Focusing on the target audience is key.