What do you think LinkedIn is missing out on ?

Brandon Young
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Currently working on a side-project, curios to see if the feedback here is consistent with my hypothesis


Gabriel Bujold
I believe that LinkedIn should promote content and connections based on the goals of the users. Some people are tired of getting a sales pitch on the platform, and I feel like the content doesn't always resonate. Yeah, you need to put a lot of time on LinkedIn to get more visibility, but at the same time, why would I want to be a micro-influencer to get more leads? It's a melting pot of students who just want to find a job, individuals that are looking to promote their company with content & salesman looking to get a bigger check at the end of the month.
I feel like I have come full circle on LinkedIn. It happens to be really useful for building connections and finding opportunities even though lots of techies are on Twitter. I think I underrated it for some time and realise now it is effective. What could be useful is grouping for your connections. I would like to prioritise close friends and team mates activity over people I went to university with and haven't heard from in years.
Oliver Cheetham
Great question Brandon. I think it lacks that personal touch. I'd love to see more people actually being themselves and less corporate / businessy. More people walking their dog, talking about hobbies, and the theme of people out there enjoying life while having more of a synergetic life-business presence online.
Marijke Pomstra
@olidevelopingbrands To be fair... In the Netherlands (where I live and work) LinkedIn is searched thoroughly by jobhunters and HR-managers to see what their (future) employees are into and upto. As long as the social standard doesn't change from having a fully seperate and closed of personal life form the office to a much more work-life balanced standard, I don't think Dutch people will be posting a lot of personalised stuff on there.
David Olivares
Some of the tools you can get on their premium subscriptions are very powerful, but I think are too expensive for people who are low on cash and looking for a job.
Adrian Cole
Connections tagging - I want to categorize my connection based on where we met, time, and other tags Groups - Better user experience Open the API so people can develop better experiences on the platform Limiting post visibility based on regions or companies. - I.e I don't want my employer to see this post Responsive website - it's still not responsive. Better recommendations engine that uses your current connection requirements. LinkedIn is a good place to network, but it puts a lot of load on the users to do manual work. They really focus on building their sales and recruiting products. @abadesi
Rishabh Gupta
I believe although we get to endorse skills but that section can really be improved a lot.
Justin Rockmore
Interestingly I think LinkedIn is great for its niche but the one thing it's missing is good UX (and by extension UI). There are TONS of features on LinkedIn that (1) Go un-noticed (2) Are crammed onto pages (3) Clutter everything up I think it would greatly benefit LinkedIn to break down all of the features they offer and design a UI & UX around making those features intuitive, visible to everyone, but also not cluttering
Robert Robert
I'm sure you've all seen the ads for LinkedIn on TV. As a user of LinkedIn, I've been quite impressed. It's no secret that LinkedIn is one of the most popular social media platforms with over 400 million registered users. Check https://simbline.com/phrases/lin... and get more tips about technology. So, I've been looking into the top LinkedIn features that are missing , and what I'm going to do discuss is why they are missing in the first place, as well as ways that they can be added back in.