How can I use Product Hunt to let people know about my app?

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Hello and sorry for the stupid question, But i am a bit lost in here. I have released an app recently and i would like to use this service, but somehow, I have no clue how it works. I search online and i found many threads talking about finding hunters who may show interest on the product. Can someone guide me? Thanks in advance


Well 1- you need to have a consumable product not just a web page ending to nowhere, if your product is an MVP it's ok then. Otherwise you can at least make announcement of product coming soon. 2- Plan weeks in advance 3- Plan for the worst, hope for the best 4- Never ask anyone for the votes 5- Find hunters to help you share your product and generate more votes Lunching a product is a long term process. And finally when you'r ready, just click on the button "+" in the tope right page here to post your product. Good luck
@aboubakr_mekhatria Who are hunters? Can you please give some insides about what's the role and how to find them?
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@aboubakr_mekhatria thank you for the prompt reply. I could not see the "+" as it was only visible through a desktop computer (not through a tablet). So, now I have created a product (, how do i search for hunters which are related to the field of my product?
@anna_panchenko Hunters are (Blogers, tech guys, tech writer, tech community leaders..) that write, talk, explain..about the tech apps, this is a summary of the hunters. and if you have a product to promote, you better find a hunter, if he is interested in he will talk about it, and this way you'l develop your product audience. Hope this help
@javasuns just Google "product hunters" and you'l have many result, I have to admit that it's a long term process to find the right one that's interested to your product, and hopefully can give you some advices or comment. Hope this help
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Well, you can get the best product hunt guide by simply searching for it on google. And If you want people to know about your app the advertise it on social platforms. I also learn to make an app without coding on Hope I will complete my app work soon. If you also want to learn making an app you can also visit.