Happy Monday! How has the last two weeks affected your work?

Chris Hamrick
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Honestly, I've never felt more creative and productive. How's it going for you?


Gabriel Bujold
I've been working for one year at a fully remote startup. I feel that remote work empowers you by nature to be more productive. As long as you know what's making you productive and that you have the right habits, all is good :)
Chris Hamrick
@bujold19 Totally agree. The interesting thing, though, is that I've been remote for years but the last two weeks have shifted my productivity into hyperdrive. I'm trying to get a good grasp on why so I can sustain it after this all clears.
I had to think a bit before answering - definitely had some super productive days but also had some not as productive as i'd like to be days. Those are ones where I found out how friends/family were being affected by the pandemic in negative ways and so I found it hard to focus on my work.
Chris Hamrick
@abadesi Totally understandable. I hope all of your friends and family are doing as well as possible in this situation. 🤗
Andrew Tye
I've spent way more time on twitter to see what's happening 🙄
Vipul Aggarwal
It's been very boring. Productive but boring. Long hours without any reason to stop working.
Daniel Johnson (MrJaycrypto)
Have been more productive, and ofcourse much more busy as I keep looking out on how I can aid in the current situation, build solutions and keep them running. 😇
Alice Ciuclea
For me it's actually really funny. I moved town 6 months ago and quit work. Took some time off before looking for a new job and just landed a new job and started working 2 weeks ago so i was more productive the past 2 weeks than the past 6 months :)
Alice Ciuclea
@chrisahamrick It's going pretty well, thank you. And yes, crazy times, indeed :)) But Working from home because of the restrictions and I miss interacting with people :)