Is it a bad idea to launch on a weekend?

Dhruv Bhatia
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Justin Ahn
I tend to think weekends in general aren't great.; but I think it depends the community/channel you choose to launch on.
Dhruv Bhatia
@ahn_going could you expand a bit more? I'm targeting the tech community.
Justin Ahn
@dhruv_bhatia "tech community" is pretty broad. Is there a particular community or channel you observe/interact with in regard to the product you're building? If so, I think it's more significant to understand, interact, share, participate, etc. there then to think about a particular timing for a launch. Does that make sense? Re: "weekends aren't great;" that's just my impression as many people take the time to rest (no quantitative data on this though).
Dhruv Bhatia
@ahn_going My product is for front-end/mobile developers and UX designers. I have been understanding and interacting with the community for quite some time now, but I want to reach more people outside my geographic zone / communities which is why I wanna launch on PH. As for weekends, I want to get some insights on whether there is a drastic difference in PH DAUs for a weekday vs the weekend. In that case I may want to hold off the launch to Monday.
Justin Ahn
@dhruv_bhatia Ah, you meant on PH, that makes sense! I thought you just meant a general launch, my bad! Yea, this community never seems to rest so weekends can work. However, I do always see the general best practice to be weekdays based on European time so you can try to catch two cycles in one day (1 - Asia/Europe; 2 - the US).
David Maíllo
I think the best moment to launch is always “right now” (or as soon as possible). We often think of launch as a goal, but it’s actually a start.
What are the objectives for your launch? Every maker has different goals and objectives. I think weekend launches can be pretty good, also you don't have to compete with big tech since they always do weekday launches.
Dhruv Bhatia
@abadesi That's what I was thinking about too. Objectives are to get a new set of users outside of my current reach/network, and to have this be a first product launch, followed by more launches in the future.
Ksenia Goron
Hi @dhruv_bhatia, my team from Akveo has the experience to launch a product on Saturday. It was Eva Icons, we didn't know about the launch, cause hunter found our product himself and took it. We weren't ready with promotion start, but Eva Icons became #2 Product of the day, so I think it's not a bad result at all. As soon as we got to know that Eva Icons has been launched on Product Hunt, we took some promo actions, published a post to our community, told our friends and so on. But without notification from hunter side, we didn't take all promo actions that we should. I believe that matter not the day of launch but season, cause in Summer the most people prefer to spend their weekend outside with getting digital detox.
Ruben Lozano
Well, depend on the product and industry. I was working for an ecommerce based in USA that sells pottery. I was helping them to setup all the analytics strategy, increase the conversion rate and optimise the PPC campaigns. After 6 months of analysis we found that the best days to launch a campaign was the day before to the weekend. Why? I don't really know. What are my assumptions? It is a B2C industry... It is an expensive, really expensive, product... the user needs a few days to think about it. So, my suggestion. A/B testing. Check your data and test to launch campaigns and watch the performance.