Startup-founder and YC alum looking to join a team! Let's build something awesome 🤘

Gabe Ragland
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Hey all, excited to take part in Makers Festival! I'm looking to build a web app in the "have fun with friends remotely" space. Times are tough and everyone needs a way to feel connected and find a little happiness. Anyone interested in teaming up? A bit about me: I've been building web apps for the past 12 years, everything from social networks with millions of users to crowdfunding platforms to developer tools. My current startup is, which helps developers spin up a custom React codebase and UI super quickly. We can probably take advantage of it for this project. Feel free to comment if interested, throw out any ideas you have, or DM me at


David Hersey
Hi Gabe, I'm launching a non-profit open-source project to help visualize all the needs of individuals, families, communities, states and cities arising from COVID and the massive shift in life and work that it brings. We are open-sourcing the software and crowd-sourcing the data, and targeting needs ranging from basic/physical to emotional, mental health, intellectual, social, etc... The goal is to bring attention to the gaps and overlaps in the many many solutions that have been popping up (tons of online yoga classes, but no emotional support for families for example) and inspire us to work together to help each other. There's no profit model; this is 100% service-focused. Our Stack is React.js with lightweight Ruby API backend. Prototyping with Airtable for data collection. We're working on launching our first (very quick and dirty) MVP next week, then collaborating with others to link in existing databases, better visualizations, locale-based search and crowdsourced data capture. I'm mostly a backend developer with some experience with React.js and react-native .. would love to have you on board if you're interested?
Anthony Dike 🌻🐝
Hey Gabe! I checked out divjoy & it looks dope. I have an idea that fits into the “have fun with friends remotely” category. It solves the problem of large Zoom calls being a “one speaker/many listeners” situation. I currently call it “Floom”. - Group video call on the left - Text chat room on the right - Audio off by default - AR filters (free/paid) - Chat stickers (free/paid) 🎉 The vision is to allow strangers & friends to have giant remote parties Let me know what you think :)
Gabe Ragland
@antdke Nice! I've definitely been thinking about doing something cool with video chat, so I'm into it. I'm wondering if it would be good to have a specific focus. For example you have some "watch netflix with friends" apps that have video chat. What's something else you could do with friends online that would be particularly fun with video chat? Or maybe video chat is an integral component (like a game where you actually need to be able to see your friends). Are you open to brainstorming around this? Lemme know your thoughts. Do you have any experience building video chat? It looks like has an API that would basically handle all that for us. This is what YC uses for their Startup School groups sessions.
Anthony Dike 🌻🐝
@gabe_ragland That's a valid point. It makes sense to build around an existing offline behavior. Where I was coming from is creating like a Discord + Zoom type app where you can start a large video chat with anyone. But besides Netflix, group friend activities that come to mind: - playing board games: Catan, Monopoly, UNO, etc. - reading books - watching game shows - shopping - karaoke - drawing/art yeah man, I'm definitely down to brainstorm some more! Email me: or if you prefer text, send me your # over email. & looks epic. I'll have to play around with it
Gabe Ragland
@antdke Awesome, definitely into exploring the large party video chat angle as well. Will shoot you an email.
Fennel Doyle
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