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Greg Scott
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While working from home, technical issues are troublesome for many; but, it's the psychological issues that can seem insurmountable. I turned to a couple of collaborators, a Ph.D. and an MSc in Psychology, to design a survey about 'Working from Home' - http://insights.anymeasure.io/ap... Hopefully, it can help people manage the situation they are dealing with. If you would like to create a language-specific measure or one for your organization, we can set it up for you. This is Open Science, so we will be sharing the data with our collaborators, so we can quickly deliver insights to our community. Once we have a strong data set we can start to offer insight from our community. We are currently working with and seeking other ambassadors to translate into other languages. #iopsychology #survey #workingfromhome #WFH #socialdistancing #physicaldistancing
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