Anybody want to work on an open-source non-profit project to help us adjust to a post-COVID world?

David Hersey
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Hi Product Hunters, I'm excited about this Makers Festival because it coincides with a project we are just kicking off to help us all adjust to the post-COVID world, so I'm entering it as a project! My non-profit ( is building a global tool to visualize all the needs of individuals, families, communities, states and cities arising from COVID and the massive shift in life and work that it brings. We are open-sourcing the software and crowd-sourcing the data, and targeting needs ranging from basic/physical to emotional, mental health, intellectual, social, etc... The goal is to bring attention to the gaps and overlaps in the many many solutions that have been popping up (tons of online yoga classes, but no emotional support for families for example) and inspire us to work together to help each other. There's no profit model; this is 100% service-focused. Our Stack is React.js with lightweight Ruby API backend. Prototyping with Airtable for data collection. We're working on launching our first (very quick and dirty) MVP next week, then collaborating with others to link in existing databases, better visualizations, locale-based search and crowdsourced data capture. Let me know if you want to help or know someone who would be interested! Thanks!


Emily Kuo
Hi David, I'm really interested in your idea. It sounds like a marketplace that connects the needs of families / individual / workers to services (ie. groceries, exercise classes, mental health support, crafts/activities). I'm more in product management and know some front-end tech (HTML, CSS, JS, Node/Express). My email is if interested in connecting!