Solo or Team? πŸ’ͺ

Aaron O'Leary
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No I don't mean Han Solo / Rebel Alliance πŸ˜‚Who is doing the festival solo vs doing it in a team? Theres definitely benefits to both, for me I think back at both the terrible and amazing project partners I had during school πŸ€”
Solo! 😎
Team! πŸ€—


Building Brand @ProductPersonHQ
I want to build a team. Would be cool to attack a problem with other smart makers Kinda like going into war with a small, tactical unit βš”οΈ
@antdke Love that mindset! You should post a discussion outlining your plan and someone may want to team up! :D
Building Brand @ProductPersonHQ
@aaronoleary thanks aaron post a discussion related to that a few days ago let’s see what happens 🀞