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We created a startup-focused studio to help build and accelerate startups called 15 Finches - We offer a unique partnership model where we provide an array of services and support over time, adjusting to your company's needs to help you grow. We often take equity in exchange for cash and stay on board for a year or more. Now more than ever we are looking to partner with startups, to provide the various services, support and strategy needed to navigate the coming months, while balancing the necessary long-term focus to adapt and thrive for the future.


Dmitrii Ershov
Let's get acquainted! We are working on the app "Salute!" - is the messenger for drivers, works like a walkie-talkie: chat with everyone who is nearby (~10-15 km), with friends only or send message to users by car plate number. Now we have launched a new release to help those people who are quarantined, because "Salute!" is the only messenger that allows everyone who is nearby to communicate, even to strangers. But in the future, the focus will be on services for motorists