Are resumes a thing of the past?

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Curious to hear peoples thoughts on resumes and how affective they are in today's world... Or would something like video resumes be better?
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What does "Generational RC" mean? I think resumes will always have value they may just be something included in addition to online profiles etc. What do you think?
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@mr @abadesi I would tend to agree. I think it's fundamentally a norm that cannot fully be removed, even just for the reason of Corp/HR processes that are in place and the $$ spent on those systems. I would tend to agree, in addition to. I think the resume is outdated, but a requirement. However, that doesn't necessarily mean that the process of acquiring talent cannot improve..
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Resumes are the things that promotes you in a very fast and convenient way keeping you time of being wasted to promote yourself personally all over the world.
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@eugenelorenc I would agree that's the intent. But would you rather rely on a piece of paper to sell who you are? Or you be given the chance to sell who you are?
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@mr.papageorge Indeed, personal conversation reveals you to the recruiter much deeper and increases your chances to get a job. "The better the resume the better employee" is absolutely wrong maxima, but still there are some correlation between resume quality and employee qualification. All of us in the same playground with equal rules based on rule "resume first" and we should keep this rule and try to promote ourselves better despite fallacy of approach "resume first".
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@mr @eugenelorenc I would agree there is some - Shows a level of intellect and conceptual thinking to put together a good resume. However, with the growing amount of 3rd party services focused on resumes building, I feel the quality of resume often is correlated with the "maker" incorrectly. Is just getting a 3rd party company to do your resume enough? Does it show intelligence with just the simple action? And what if the playing ground was still even and each person was given just as much of an opportunity to be selected.. Check out as I would be curious your thoughts.
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I prefer using Google Forms instead of resumes to get a better understanding of candidates while hiring at !