How do you move from just an idea to actual product?

Zude Mwango
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Wireframes, building flows, prototyping, usability testing, first designs, alpha version launch, feedback gathering, data analysis, fixing bugs, adding features, design polishing, next version release, etc
What is the idea you have? Let us help!
Zude Mwango
@abadesi i want to build an app that will help people with emotional stress be able to release that stress by using a series of images with relaxing music. i want to build in React360.
@zude This sounds interesting. Have you seen any similar products that inspire you that you can improve on? I'm personally sceptical about how apps can reduce stress since lots of research shows it is the time we spend on our devices that creates it. But interested to see where you take this.
Stefan Fischerländer
I'm thinking a lot about the idea, read about similar products and try to form a vision of my product in my mind. During this process, I keep a lot of notes with possible features, possible users, how to reach my users, how to do marketing at all or what business model will fit it. Having a strong SEO background, I'm also looking for search queries where people are searching for solutions similar to what I have in mind. This is an early and easy validation of my idea. At this point, I know how the product could look like. Now I start to code the core functions to see if I'm able to work out the potential show-stoppers. Integrating these core functions in a well working UI gives me an early version, that can be tested for functionality and usability. Creating a landing page for the product and offering my early version as a alpha/beta test to users helps to improve it and make a polished product.
Mitch Gillogly
I think it's just important to put something out there as quick as possible because your first version of the product won't be very good.