How do you use video conferencing at work?

lakshmi tadipatri
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At Product Hunt we use Zoom for big team meetings, and also Slack video calls for 1:1s. What's your go-to video conference tool?
Lonny Kapelushnik
I work remote and I request most calls to be video chats. I find that it helps to build a relationship. For internal video chats I use Google Hangouts or Slack as I find it the best for collaborating. For client chats I'll use Google Hangouts or Zoom.
Felipe Miranda
We are a remote first Startup so we use video conferencing all the time. We like it more than normal calling since we can share our screens and share documents and pictures. We use conferencing as a way to feel like if we are working together.We use and it works perfectly for us because we can just jump in on the channel and chat with anyone who is available without scheduling a call.