How do you manage your job with your personal projects?

Ihor B
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I have my own project, which is developing and I need to devote a lot of time to it, I try to do everything after work, but I get very tired. The project already has many live users who need to be given support. Does anyone have similar experience and what recipes do you use? Maybe someone is fired at some specific point? šŸ˜


Irina Kavchik
My partner is working on the tech project aside from his main job. It is our evenings and weekends that we could spend together as a couple, and I've to say it is very challenging and sometimes very tiring. However, I left my full-time job to be involved in the project and do marketing, sales and support. He is not planning to leave his job though. I understand that not everyone has a relationship like we do but if you do have relatives around you that have some spare time, get them involved. Iā€™m sure they can do some basic admin, marketing and even support if you teach them how.
Great question! I try to just set aside specific blocks of time each week to work on my personal projects e.g. Friday lunchtimes I record my podcast Techish and Saturday mornings I usually catch up on all my admin for Hustle Crew. Of course it's hard to stick to the schedule and often means I catch up on my personal projects after dinner time and go to bed too late!! Hehe
Chai Weera
I did exactly what you describe. It's not easy, but if you stick to your daily schedule, you'll develop a habit, and then it doesn't seem so bad. Human has amazing adaptability. As long as you are able to keep the will and remain motivated, the rest seems to be taking care of itself. What I found even more interesting is that over time my brain adapts and get better at pondering a complicated multi-day work in discrete chunks, which allows me to insert small bursts of progress into my project an hour at a time, sometimes even for a period as short as 15 mins.