How do you enhance your product's discovery?

Aakash Kerawat
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In addition to launching on PH, what can be some more ways to improve your product's discovery. So that you're able to reach out to right users. It might not be just an alternative to PH but can even be an unconventional method you use.


Subhash Choudhary
For me building free tools for the Industry worked the best. We built free tools for the SEO industry and shared it around in community forums, groups and it became hit. And that alone generates 80% of our web-traffic and constantly fills up our sales pipeline. Kind of how Neil-Patel does it but without the Branding or Firepower of him. Recently Moz featured our tool in one of their Articles. That kind of endorsement gives really big exposure to a new startup and establishes trust. We recently hit $25K MRR and if you are interesting in learning more, I published an in-depth article on the exact growth hacks we used with the stats and the end-results. Give it a read here -
Eleonora Sergijevic
@subhashchy Tnx a lot :) I've read your article, you've really hit some points here. Gave me few new ideas, I think I would try some. Best of luck with Rankz :)
Michael Aubry
@subhashchy That is bad ass. Make $25k MRR and explain how you did it. Much respect. That is my goal with get to $10k MRR and write about how I got there.👊
Peyton Goen
If you're launching a niche product, chances are there's some sort of forum or community online that has tons of people actively discussing your niche! Get one there, talk to people, and ask them what they think!
Ryan Hoover
@gaurav_shrishrimal short version: 1. Make sure the messaging is very clear to your target audience. One way to explore this is to ask current users/customers to articulate their description of your product. 2. Put the product where your audience is. I know this sounds basic but it's important to identify where your customers hang out/get their information.
Gaurav Shrishrimal
@rrhoover Thanks Ryan. I was actually looking for more of a detailed process if possible, may be you can write your next article on this(if you have not already)?
Michael Aubry
@gaurav_shrishrimal @rrhoover I think this covers it. To get a clear message you should be talking to users. Find them on the internet, use social media, linkedin. Really understand their problem first. Don't shove your ideas/biases down their throats. Just listen and learn. Then be crystal clear as what the product does and tailor the messaging around the pain points users have. After that once your site is in order then you need to figure out where the people with those pain points hang out. Then give give give as much value as you can and nudge them to go to your solution if they want more. Aside from that a lot of your time comes from ensuring your product is superior and catering towards solving a real problem. Talking and obtaining users is a process in itself. We have some work to do. So lets do it 👊
Roman Eaton
We did the product discovery or customer research for the past 10 weeks. There were a lot of ways: from Betalist and Product Hunt to cold contacts through the review platforms like Capterra, G2 and others. Also, we made a lot of posts at FB communities - but the main rule I learned. First give, then - ask. Be helpful, then you might ask and the effect of your question would be tremendously better, rather than if you just ask without any "give".
Roman Eaton
@aakash_kerawat thank you. Have a look at our new product in my bio - it is a tiny part of our product discovery. There are more than 50 active users so far.
Dora Manrtalan
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